For more than twenty-five years, our lawyers have assisted a whole range of clients with the structuring, negotiation and documentation of investments and of international transactions.

We have also managed related disputes and litigations.

As to investments, we are particularly experienced with the asset classes of commercial real estate, structured debt, intellectual property and (Berlin-based) start-ups.

In his “previous life” our founder Mark Odenbach served as a partner in a global international law firm, advising numerous international companies and banks. For example, he acted as lead counsel for a Stuttgart-based manufacturer of premium automobiles in connection with the establishment, structuring, negotiation and documentation of an innovative multi-billion financing platform. The structure was designed for twenty-one European subsidiaries of the relevant manufacturer.

To date, IN&IN performs similarly demanding work yet for a more entrepreneurial type of clients and from a different platform.

Most of IN&IN’s clients are successful private companies run by highly skilled and highly experienced individuals.

Our working languages are English, Spanish and German.


Further Projects