IN&IN’s approach is based on the following:

  • a niche-focus on investments & international matters (IN&INSM) – as to the definition of “investment” see * below;
  • use of cross-disciplinary and contextual knowhow developed over decades by creating bespoke business & law situations (Situation Law®) – particularly in connection with:
    • direct and indirect real estate investments;
    • investments in start-up companies;
    • debt finance and corporate banking;
    • protection of intellectual property and defense against unfair competition;
    • intellectual property license agreements;
    • market-entry projects;
    • international product distribution; and
    • cross-border issues involving Germany, the UK and Spain; as well as
  • fluid collaboration with other experts and expert lawyers to achieve all points-of-view alignment (Orchestra®).

* We use the term “investment” in accordance with the Cambridge Dictionary: “the act of putting money, effort, time, etc. into something to make a profit or get an advantage.” In other words, the investment concept we apply is not exclusively linked to money.  “Investment” includes work, creative work in particular. Non-monetary fruits of labour need strong legal protection – as monetary investments do.

NB: Contrary to common belief, Legal is not a separate function performed in isolation but rather an integrative part of the respective business functions. It is Legal’s job to enhance management’s effectiveness and to make a contribution to the accomplishment of the client’s objectives.

Legal is management by legal means.

Given that management is always cross-disciplinary, contextual and situation-specific, lawyers should, as regards the business areas they work in, possess cross-disciplinary and contextual knowledge and furthermore they should be situation-smart (analogy to being street smart).

Finally, by definition, management organises teamwork. Teamwork requires an understanding of the other persons’ jobs. Therefore, in our view, a lawyer should also possess a basic but clear understanding of what other people in the value chain have to do and how they do it.

In our world, there is collaboration of business people and lawyers – as well as of lawyers and lawyers – as if they were members of the same Orchestra®.


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