Our team’s track record includes:

Investment work

  1. Advising a Hamburg based real estate finance company in connection with the structuring of a approx. € 10 m acquisition financing (debt and equity) for the purchase of the shares in a PropCo owning a hotel in Siegen, Nordrhein-Westphalia – with said hotel being run under a US brand of hotels;
  2. bringing an action on behalf of a shareholder of a German public company (Aktiengesellschaft) against the company for infringement of the procedural provisions of law and the rules and regulations of the articles of association such infringements having been caused by an invalid and void resolution of the general meeting (Nichtigkeitkeitsfestellungs- und Anfechtungsklage);

  3. advising a group of international investors in respect of the management of several of their foreign investments, largely in derivatives;
  4. acting for a Latin American owner of a property situated in an urban redevelopment area (Sanierungsgebiet) of Berlin, managing the repositioning project (procurement and financials) and representing the owner vis-à-vis the building inspection office, financial institutions, architects and builders (subcontracting parts of the work to a specialist construction lawyer);
  5. representing various owners of flats in a poorly managed condominium property (Wohnungseigentum) situated in Berlin vis-a-vis the property’s administrator (Verwalter), the advisory board (Verwaltungsbeirat) and the community of owners (Wohnungseigentümergemeinschaft);
  6. acted for a commercial tenant in relation to a legal dispute with one of Berlin’s largest landlords;
  7. advised an Australian family trust on the licensing of family owned engineering IP to a top German household manufacturer (belonging to a listed Japanese holding company);
  8. advised a German real estate investment group in relation to its exit from a real estate development project in Stuttgart by way of a sale of shares (€ 12.6 m for 50 % of the shares);
  9. successfully represented a German company in a tax audit in circumstances where the company’s tax advisors had already given up and had conceded additional tax obligations in excess of the company’s equity capital – after IN&IN’s intervention the tax inspectors agreed that the taxes owed were nil;
  10. advised a Frankfurt-based real estate asset management firm and a Berlin based co-investor on their exit from a real estate development project in the Rhineland by way of a sale of shares (approx. € 3 m for one third of the shares);
  11. advised a London-based high net worth investor in relation to his exit from a Cyprus-based hedge fund;
  12. acted for various foreign investors in connection with the acquisition of German commercial real estate (and in connection with the related acquisition financings);
  13. advised a German real estate finance company in connection with the acquisition of two German competitors;
  14. advised several German clients in relation to the acquisition and sale of Spanish real estate;
  15. advised a German property fund and the related fund manager in connection with the fund‘s mezzanine investment into a Spanish single purpose property company owning a Mallorca luxury hotel;
  16. advised a Spanish hotel group in connection with its dispute with a Spanish bank in relation to a Spanish law governed loan agreement secured on German real estate and a related English law governed interest rate swap (asset swap);
  17. advised several German property fund managers on the structuring and documentation of various property funds with a total volume of over € 500 million;
  18. advised various foreign and domestic investors on the structuring, negotiation and documentation of bespoke mortgage-backed investments (ranging from € 1 m to € 10 m) in German commercial property development projects and enforced the related contractual and right in rem claims, including in foreclosure and insolvency scenarios;
  19. advised a Dubai investment company in connection with the structuring and documentation of a € 30m subordinated note investment into a Munich property fund;
  20. managed a work-out of a German commercial mortgage backed-note investment (hiring and managing a leading insolvency firm as joint advisors);
  21. advised a Frankfurt based asset management firm in connection with various indirect investments in German real estate development projects;
  22. advised a Hamburg-based cargo container financing firm on its sale of two multi-million USD portfolios to a Singapore market participant (English law);
  23. advised numerous SMEs, inventors, designers and other professionals in relation to the licensing or insourcing of intellectual property rights (having been involved in IP securitisations, we treat IP as an asset class with its special characteristics);
  24. advised a London-based internet entrepreneur and investor on the structuring of syndicated investments in Berlin-based high-tech start-ups;
  25. advised a German real estate investment firm in connection with the funding of a structured investment in a core Stuttgart real property asset;
  26. advised various London based investment banks on the origination of CMBS loans; and
  27. advised the sponsors of a real estate development project creating a musical theatre in the port of Hamburg on raising equity capital from German and international angel investors.


International work

  1. Advising an engineer from The Netherlands in a dispute with a German engineering firm;
  2. assisted a leading provider of US reverse mortgages in assessing the viability of reverse mortgages in the German marketplace;
  3. advised a US mortgage administrator on the viability of its US business model under German law;
  4. advised the London office of a US hedge fund on the legal aspects of its potential market entry (commercial real estate loan fund);
  5. advised a British exporter on packaging regulations under German and Spanish law;
  6. advised an Australian manufacturer in relation to a cross-border virtual employment arrangement with an Italian salesperson based in Germany (hiring a labour law specialist as joint advisor);
  7. advised the British subsidiary of a Canadian listed company in relation to certain market entry related VAT issues concerning EU and German law;
  8. advised and represented a Swiss commercial agent in relation to a dispute with an Israeli manufacturer;
  9. advised a Colombian metropolitan car traffic management company on identifying the best legal and tax route into the larger national markets within the EU;
  10. advised a British exporter on the establishment of a distribution system for Austria, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and managed the respective French, Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg lawyers;
  11. advised a Canadian high-tech start-up in relation to its EU market entry strategy;
  12. advised a British company of chemical goods in relation to a dispute with a German airline;
  13. advised a British engineering company in relation to a service contract with a German client;
  14. advised a Dutch mailing company on its exit from a (less than ideal) joint venture with a German market participant;
  15. advised an Israeli property investment group in connection with the acquisition of a Berlin based German property management company;
  16. advised various UK companies on the establishment of German subsidiaries with a view to securing permanent access to the European Single Market (Brexit risk mitigation);
  17. assisted a German couple in relation to their German-Spanish retirement planning and managed the sourcing of additional knowledge from Spanish law and accounting firms (double taxation and inheritance tax planning);
  18. advised a German citizen living in Denmark on the double taxation aspects of becoming a resident of Germany and of starting to work for a Berlin based employer;
  19. advised a Hungarian bank on the establishment of a German branch;
  20. advised, assisted and acted for a Brazilian green coffee trader in relation to (i) the establishment of a German subsidiary (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung), (ii) importing green coffee from Brazil through that subsidiary, (iii) distributing green coffee within the EU via the subsidiary and (iv) becoming a legal resident of Germany; and
  21. advised and assisted numerous EU citizens as regards their legal establishment in Spain.

Further Projects